Oct. 29, 2006
Back to Richland Creek again this week, only this time the plan was to take a fifteen minute or so walk downstream from the bridge to a favorite bend in the creek. But as we were making our way in the semi-dark along the old jeep road that parallels the creek, I started to hear the song of running water, and when the road curved toward the creek and brought us close enough to see what we were hearing, I decided it was worth taking a closer look, and so we dropped down the hill and entered an Ozark wonderland.

It was one of those places that makes your heart race with excitement and makes you think that of all the places in the world you could be at this moment, this is where you should be. Great gray boulders were piled along the bank, fog steamed off the water, fall colors flanked the creek and crowned the hills, but there is no greater bounty to be had in these old Ozark mountains than the sweetness of flowing water as it tumbles and swirls over and through the boulders in a creek bottom or races along a flat bedrock stream bed.

Today's Back Light photo was taken four or five years ago and shows alum root growing from a moss-covered stone bank of Devil's Fork just below the Twin Falls.