June 3, 2006
It was a good morning to say goodbye to spring and hello to summer and farewell to the camera and hiking shoes for several months. A big toe that I had jammed, or broken, over six months earlier was getting worse rather than better, and summer would be the best opportunity to see if a break from hiking would get me moving toward healing and away from hurting again, and if not, I might have to give in and go to a doctor about it, sometime maybe, but surely not this fall, or winter, or next spring, since there's just too much Ozark light then for me to let a doctor tell me I have to stay off the toe for awhile. Maybe next summer would be a good time for that, or if not a good time, at least the least bad.

So, even though the sun was too far north to be visible at sunrise at Hedges pour-off, there was still quite a show to be seen from the bluff top above the clouds in the valley of the Buffalo.

Today's Back Light is a fall photo taken several years ago along Bidville Road.