May 7, 2006
There was peace in the valley the next day as well, another gentle morning at Hedges pour-off, followed by another visit to Smith Creek, where I wanted to explore a gentler stretch of the creek downstream from the land of the giants.

I could have lived my life here in Arkansas or anywhere else and made a living and watched TV and so on all my days, my three score years and ten, and never realized that there was a place in the world that I could visit where I could sit at the edge of the sky and look up at clouds settling like a blanket on the shoulders of the hills and then look down and see other clouds like pillows along the narrow bed of the Buffalo.

There's a kind of comfort in coming to know that where you are is where you were meant to be, that in all the thrashing and flopping and the fits and starts of a life, you can still come through and somehow end up somewhere that fits, and even if it isn't where you once thought you wanted to be, it is where you always were supposed to be.

This Back Light photo, taken in 1996, I believe, shows some boulders in Falling Water Creek where it empties into Richland Creek.