May 1, 2006
Well, a little of that rain that's been falling this last year just about everywhere it's not needed has finally made its way here to Arkansas, where we have welcomed it with open arms and diminished reservoirs. Enough fell in the last day or two that Monday after work looked like a great time to have a good old waterfall hunt, and I knew exactly which one I wanted to shoot for. Ever since I came across this double-decker falls a little over a year ago I've been waiting through some pretty dry times for an opportunity to photograph it.

The easiest way to get to it is to follow Fanes Creek Road west and north out of Cass until it crosses the head of Phipps Hollow, about four or five miles in, if my memory serves. The falls are easily visible from the road when the trees are bare and at other times are also easy to find because the road passes over Phipps Hollow Creek just above the falls.

By the time Junie and I rolled up to a pullover on top of the bluff across from the falls a little after six, there were still a couple hours of daylight left, which we took full advantage of, Junie after her fashion and I after mine.

Today's Back Light was taken along Leatherwood Creek in the fall two or three years ago.