Apr. 9, 2006
The sun flies north in the spring with the geese, and now it's far enough north that sunrise from Seven Points at the head of Cove Creek valley doesn't have the same quality of light that it has in winter, with everything being front lit rather than side or back lit. So Plan A turned out to be a wash-out.

Plan B followed suit, as Phipps Hollow Falls wasn't falling nearly enough, which left me pretty much fresh out of plans. And with the sun screaming up the sky and golden light rapidly turning white, there wasn't much time to come up with another plan. But rather than just packing up the camera for the day, I bailed out at Fanes Creek and slogged up and down it a while to see if I could photograph some of the just emerging spring foliage before the sun climbed too high and the light got too hot.

About eight or nine years ago I was lucky enough to catch a summer storm near sunset on Beaver Lake. The Back Light is one of the photos I took that day.