Mar. 26, 2006
I suppose it's time to take a look back. In March of 1996, I suddenly became aware that I had a bunch of 10 and 11 year old dogs who were going to start dying on me within a few years or sooner, and I had few pictures of any of them and none of some, and that if I wanted to do anything about that, it would need to be soon. So I bought a little point and shoot, my first real camera, and by that I mean one that, you know, focused and zoomed and things like that, and I started bringing it on our walks and took pictures, most of which were pretty gruesome. But I kept after it and kept taking pictures, and I also started looking for places that would be attractive backdrops for the portraits, which led to walks on local trails, and to the purchase of a trail guide by some guy named Ernst.

So you see, dear reader, it was the dogs who nudged me the first few tentative steps down the trail of my twin passions of hiking and photography. It wasn't long before I was hiking every weekend, first on trails close to home, and then farther and farther afield, and then soon in places like Hurricane Creek and Richland Creek and Hemmed-In Hollow, which were a different kind of place from any I had ever seen. And it wasn't long before I became disenchanted with the limitations of a point and shoot camera and took the plunge and bought my first really real camera, an SLR, a little Canon Elan IIE, which was the camera I used for almost the next ten years.

And now it's ten years later, and all those dogs are long dead, succeeded but not replaced by other dogs, who also do their part to keep me walking and hiking and taking pictures, may it always be so. A guy could do worse.

And back to today: Hedges pour-off at sunrise, then a hike up Leatherwood Creek.

Today's Back Light is from not very far back at all, sunrise two days ago, again from Hedges pour-off. Notice how the sun has moved north about two diameters during that time.