Feb. 11, 2006
Does sunrise at Hedges pour-off followed by ice pictures on Leatherwood Creek sound familiar at all?

There was a narrow line of clouds along the horizon just where the sun was coming up, but that was enough to make a sunrise that was better than I had seen in a while, and although for the most part I saw it through the tiny and dim viewfinder of a camera, it was a fun one to experience.

Then shortly after the sun was up, just like that the sky clouded over in mere minutes, it seemed, and it started dropping a little sleet and a little snow as we made our way up Leatherwood. The clouds were flying low and fast and almost straight out of the north, and now and then there would be a brief gap or thin spot in the clouds that would be lined up just right and come rolling out of the north like a bowling ball headed straight for the sun, and then it would strike and send the light flying like pins, and I would be standing there at the camera with a shot set up and ready to squeeze the shutter release, just waiting for the flash of light.

The picture selected for today's Back Light was taken on Richland Creek on a beautiful sunny spring day in 2002. A few years ago I posted a very similar shot taken at the same time and place as this one.