Dec. 26, 2005
Early morning, hours before light, is the best time to travel. You just about have the road to yourself, especially once into the mountains to the east and away from the concrete and steel hive of the Fayetteville/Springdale/Bentonville corridor, and in a way you have the world to yourself, or you can almost pretend that you do, at least until sunrise makes it impossible to maintain the illusion.
The morning after Christmas, there wasn't a sunrise to speak of at Hedges pour-off, but there were some nice colors over the canyon to the south. A few minutes there, and then we made a quick hike up Leatherwood Creek with no particular goal or objective in mind, except maybe to see how the creek was running during this dry winter, and we had a pleasant walk and a nice visit, our first visit to Leatherwood in months. We took some pictures, too.
Today's back light was taken in Debbie's ravine in the fall of 2002.