Nov. 20, 2005
The time after peak color often has some shout left in it, but flu and fever laid me out for the count all last week, and so I missed one of the prime photography weekends of the year. And then this weekend when I made the long drive over to Richland Creek on Saturday and found absolutely no color whatsoever anywhere, I thought that would be it for this year.

But then Sunday an early morning visit to Hedges pour-off offered, not autumnal splendor by any means, but the more subdued beauty of rust-hued hills made even moreso by early morning light. The lady was not quite ready to don her gray winter coat just yet after all.

So it seemed like a good idea to make the drive down to another favorite spot, an overlook at the head of Cove Creek valley, and once again there was nice color left there, enhanced by being back lit or side lit by the morning sun, and lit in varying patterns due to a patchwork cloud cover.
One of the most spectacular sunrises I've been lucky enough to see was also one I was lucky enough to photograph. It took place in early November in 1997, and I photographed it from Highway 7 as Connor and I were headed to Richland Creek. Although he showed no sign of it yet, no doubt he already had the cancer that would kill him the next year. He started limping in late December and was diagnosed in February, and hung in there until July.

As you can imagine, I took a number of photographs as the sunrise progressed. One of those I used for the banner photograph on the opening page of this Web site, a couple more are posted here, and another one is this week's Back Light photo.