Oct. 30, 2005
Sunrise Sunday morning was delayed by about half an hour as the sun not only had to climb over the mountains, as usual, but also a mountain of clouds in the eastern sky. Normally sunrise delayed is sunrise denied, but far from being a dud, this morning was surprisingly colorful.

My vantage point was once again Hedges pour-off, and the colors in the eastern sky were intense and varied, proceeding from a spectacular pre-dawn red to a vivid orange at just about the time the sun should have been rising, and then finally with the sun peeking through breaks in the clouds, the gold of a rain shower over the hills across the canyon.

And as I took pictures of the canyon to the south it appeared to be raining in that direction as well, and time would prove that impression to be correct, as the shower worked its way down the Buffalo and soon began to drop rain where I was. Not much of a shower really, but since I had pretty much finished up there, I packed up and headed on to the next location.
The week before, the trees in the valley of the Buffalo seemed to be just on the verge of finally admitting it was fall and were just about to start putting on their coats of many colors, and I was hoping to find some of that this week somewhere close by. Steele Creek struck me as a good place to start looking, and it turned out there was indeed some nice color there.
It was also quite nice when it started raining, gently at at first but quickly building up to quite a little downpour. After about half an hour or so of shooting from under an umbrella, I just about decided that this was looking like one of those all-day rains, the likes of which we haven't seen in a while around here and need desperately. Also along about then I heard thunder and concluded I was standing in the wrong place if this was going to turn into a thunderstorm. So we let it go for the day and headed home, only to see the storm break up about a half hour later and the skies clear off.
Today's Back Light photo of mosses and lichen on sandstone was taken in February of this year on a hike to Hideout Hollow.