Oct. 29, 2005
For anyone who follows these pages attentively, the shapes in these photos may look familiar, and with good reason. Over the course of the last six months or so, I've often made a point of getting to Hedges pour-off before dawn, either as the first stop of the day before moving on to another location, or as the first and only destination of the day.

But even though I've been photographing the same place over and over, and the same shapes over and over, still it seems to me that the scenes have been different every time. Our mother earth is a beautiful woman who manages to find all different kinds of grand or simple ways to dress herself up, and since there are some shapes I never get tired of seeing, once I find a place with all the right shapes and curves, it stands to reason I should keep coming back to see what kind of dress that beautiful lady will slip into this time, a satin gown and a gossamer veil, or a homespun cotton blouse with a crinoline skirt, or even something that's not quite there at all and leaves nothing to the imagination.

We had never been exploring along the Buffalo south of the Ponca bridge, and last Saturday's short excursion that way had been intriguing enough that we went back the next day, but what we found was a landscape that was showing the promise of fall colors to come, but just wasn't quite there yet. Today's Back Light is one of the photos from that day last week, a melody not yet sung but about to be.