Oct. 15, 2005
4 a.m. Saturday was a liberation. Bobbie the nocturnal canine saw to it I didn't need an alarm clock, but that morning for once I didn't mind. There was only time and distance between me and the edge of a bluff overlooking the heart of the Buffalo, and after feeding the dogs and throwing on some clothes and gathering up the photo gear, Junie and I were on our way.
Unfortunately, it was a spectacularly unspectacular morning at the Hedges pour-off overlook. No fog in the valley and no haze to cut back the intensity of the sunrise. But maybe that was all for the better because rather than just give up on the morning, I decided to head on over to the Steele Creek area of the Buffalo, and in particular a spot I had visited at just about the same time last year, just downstream from the end of Roarke Bluff. As we worked our way upstream from the horse trail ford we ran into a group of people who turned out to be a Tim Ernst photo workshop, and bless their hearts, they didn't run us off, even though Junie from time to time made a nuisance of herself. I've never tried to train her to be a well-behaved dog and most of the time that's ok because we're out in the woods away from anyone, but she's naturally a pretty good dog, mainly.
Today's Back Light is from 2001 and was one of a series of shots I took of a disappearing sun.