June 18, 2005
When I arrived at Hedges Pour-off before dawn on Saturday I discovered that it was once again immersed in fog, and rather than wait for developments there, we headed off in search of an overlook somewhere up above the fog. We drove up out of it on Walker Mountain Road and somewhere close to Shiloh found a place with a view to the west, where fog had filled Smith Creek valley.
After burning a few frames there, we continued south on county road 24 until it met Highway 21 near Mossville, then hurried on to the Smith Creek preserve to try to get some more of the giant boulders there on film. Very quickly, though, the fog burned away and the sun got too high for that. As we headed back down the trail, I made a point to follow the advice that John Moore had given me a few days before, which was to keep a look out for and take more shots of the small stuff, and I think that turned out to be very good advice indeed.
Smith Creek is one of those Ozark streams where the creek bottom has some long stretches of flat bedrock with a two or three or five or ten foot drop every so often. A few of those drops have a little water flowing over them right now, with most being bone dry. One of the reasons I love these bedrock creek beds is that even in times of low water you can usually find something interesting in or along them, especially if you're looking for that small stuff.
Today's Back Light was taken on Richland Creek at the same time as the Back Light photo posted on May 22nd of this year.