May 8, 2005
May 8th was another one of those days we've had this spring that once held the promise of rain, but then as the day approached the rain became less and less likely, and though it was a beautiful cloudy day on the Buffalo, the promise finally came to nothing and the only moisture that fell from the sky was a drop or two as we returned to the Steele Creek campground in late afternoon at the end of the hike.

The plan for the day was just to follow the old river trail east from Steele Creek until we decided to stop, and ultimately we made it as far as the base of Big Bluff. The trees and other plant life were lush and green, and there was a beautiful place in the woods near one of the old homesteads where the Virginia creeper was growing up all the tree trunks, but oddly enough I couldn't find a way to make a good photograph out of it, which turned out to be the rule rather than the exception that day. On the whole I didn't find much to shoot except for a couple of times when I happened to look up and notice that the sky was doing some interesting things. So I'm afraid the sky is the limit this week, you might say, except for the tip of the 'berg boat basher boulder shot, which I had to stand in chest deep water to get. Don't know if it was worth it.

Today's Back Light photo is of a place I have photographed many times over the years in all four seasons. This particular shot of the Stone Groove was taken in the fall of 2003.