Apr. 17, 2005
Next morning, up early and away well before sunrise, gas up in Elkins under the bright fluorescent lights, grab a Dew and a snack and go, snaking along and over the hills, through Wesley and Huntsville, Wharton -- Upper and Lower -- and Kingston, a little light above the hills to the east, over the hump to Boxley and on to our creek, and finally on the trail, cool and quiet, barely light, Junie racing with the sheer joy of movement. Brothers and sisters, there are moments that even when you're in them you're feeling like you're looking back on them ten years from now and thinking, now wasn't that a time, wasn't that living?

And most days that's what a hiking day is like for me.

It's ok if I get a picture or two out of the deal, too. This morning we headed straight for the spot where we left off the previous morning and started shooting at the same little falls.

Then we climbed up and back behind the falls and spent some time photographing in an almost unnatually straight little gorge, which might have qualified as a slot canyon if it had been a little taller and maybe a little narrower.
When we moved on to a nice winding cascade area up above the straight gorge, the sun was already there. So we searched upstream for places that might still be shaded and found an area where the creek had sculpted the limestone bedrock of the creek bed into basins and channels. The sun was already too high to do much there, but the occasional passing cloud would now and then tone things down enough to snap a picture, at least for a little while longer, but all too soon we had to give it up there as well.
Today's Back Light picture of ice formed by water seeping from a bluff and freezing was taken on Dismal Creek in January of 2004. I was forced to take it at an angle that made it all but impossible to get adequate depth of field, but it had so much shiny and sparkly stuff in it I wanted to share it with you.