Mar. 6, 2005
It took almost two months, but we finally had the sunny weekend morning that I had been looking for, and Junie and I were on the creek bright and early to take advantage of it. But first I spent a few minutes at Hedge's pour-off for a sunrise shot or two. Junie, much to her consternation, has to stay in the car whenever I go there, since there is so little payoff for her in such a short walk that it doesn't justify the danger to her from the bluff. It's mean, I know, but usually I get to make it up with a nice hike afterward.
Bright and early though we may have been, we could have been earlier. By the time we got to the first spot on the creek I had in mind to shoot, the sun was already in position and moving fast, which meant I had to as well. I scrambled to line up a few shots and squeeze them off, and too soon we lost the light.
By the time I got to the second spot, the sunlight had already spilled over the scene and ruined it. We hiked up and down the creek for a while longer looking for other scenes that might be more sheltered, and on the way out came upon this little break with a small pool below it. That'll do.
In March of 2004 I spent an hour or two at the southwest overlook on White Rock mountain, again with Junie stuck in the car, photographing the surrounding fog-shrouded landscape. Today's backlight was taken that morning.