Feb. 26, 2005
Sometimes you're in need of a plan B and you just can't come up with one, or you just decide, heck with it, today's plan B is to go on home and read a good book or take a nap, or maybe even do some scanning or photo editing.

The forecast called for clear skies in the morning, and I made plans accordingly. Up at four, hit the Hedges pour-off overlook in time for sunrise, choogle on over to the spot on the creek where a few weeks before I had taken some ice pictures , take the photo I had spotted back then just minutes too late to catch the right light, shoot whatever else I might find until the creek was flooded with sunlight, go home.

It was a good plan, but it all depended on the forecast for sunshine being right. There was even a crack of sunlight for about half an hour after sunrise, and I was able to do a little shooting at Hedges pour-off, but when it socked in after that, Junie and I packed it in and went home. Halfway there the sky cleared off, but by then the sun was too high in the sky to bother turning around.

Conditions that morning weren't good for photographing the valley of the Buffalo to the south and west, it being too hazy and bland. Shooting to the east from there involves shooting around a cell-phone tower, as in the photo at the top of this page, or hoping there's enough fog in the valley to cover up the highway and telephone lines, as in the photo below.
The last time I visited the Twin Falls of Devil's Fork was late in the afternoon on a beautiful sunny spring day in May of 2002. This week's Back Light photo was one of the ones I took that day.