Jan. 29, 2005

It was like being in a huge room with a low ceiling, and with a floor glowing with white light. The fog would sometimes rise a little and sometimes come lower and sometimes swirl around the slopes of the hill and the little promontory where Junie and I were. Contrary to the usual case, the ground was brighter than the sky, at least up here on the hillsides and on the hilltops, while down below on the floor of the valley what snow had fallen had melted. And it was still, like an empty church.
The snow had come as quite a surprise as there hadn't been any until just about the time we reached Fly Gap Road from Mill Creek Road. I guess it's fair to say I was lucky to have found snow after having come down on the off chance there might be something interesting going on at sunrise, but then again, I wouldn't have been lucky without having dragged my old clanking bones out of a warm bed at four in the morning. You have to work hard to give yourself the chance to get lucky, sometimes.
I had the pleasure of meeting John Moore when we came across each other on Fly Gap Road just as I was about to start sliding down the hill to one of the overlooks. He was stopping by for a look at Cove Creek Valley as he was blowing through on his way to Cave Mountain and the Hawksbill Crag area, where he hit the jackpot with some great snow pictures. And if you haven't been by John's site lately, be sure to take in his latest star trails pictures. He has continued to refine his night photography technique, to outstanding effect.
Today's Back Light picture dates from the spring of 2004 and shows a boulder in Richland Creek at the Connor turn at dusk.