Jan. 17, 2005

It had already been a long weekend, and after scouting along Cave Mountain Road for bluff overlooks, Junie and I took a short jaunt up a nearby creek, where I found a spot with some nice ripple action together with a break where the creek bed dropped four or five inches.
So I set up and started shooting, but in short order the sun topped a hill and spilled sunlight all over our blue creek, and I thought that would be all I would be getting there, but fortunately the hot spots from the sunlight were small enough that I hoped it would be ok, and as it turned out I think it actually added a little liveliness to the scene.
Then I turned around and saw a different shot, but by then the only way I could take it without getting my shadow in the image was to get in the creek. I don't think I've mentioned yet that even though it wasn't ice-beard weather that morning, it was pretty close, with temperatures still in the twenties. But anyway, I took my socks and shoes off and waded into the creek, set up the shot, and took it. The problem was, from that angle, it wasn't much of a shot any more.