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Jan. 15, 2005

Thirty degrees? No sweat!

O.k., so I didn't even take my gloves with me when Junie and I jumped out of the car a little before daybreak and edged our way down the steep hillside to another overlook of Cove Creek valley. But I hadn't been shooting very long when I started to regret that. Thirty degrees might sound warm compared to the 10s or 15s we've been out in this winter, but it's plenty cold enough, especially if you get a little breeze stirring.

This view of the valley didn't afford us the opportunity we had in an earlier visit to a different overlook a little farther south. That morning the landscape was glowing yellow with back-lit haze in the creek bottoms and up along the flanks of the hills. This morning we had to settle for red side lighting, ah me.

After finishing up with the morning's shoot, we trudged and slipped our way back up the hillside and motored over to a waterfall along Fane Creek Road we had come across the week before. The water was flowing through the falls at a good volume, but it was already too sunny for waterfall photography. So after messing around at the falls for a while, we explored downstream about half a mile or so, and found a number of grand boulder piles and drops along the way as the steep-banked gorge swooped and twisted down through the woods, and finally, though we never did run out of pretty, we just stopped, high up on a shoulder above one of the drops, and let the warmth of the winter sun on our backs and the sound of the water rushing around and over the boulders lull us to sleep.

I can't wait to see what this creek looks like in the spring.