Dec. 26, 2004

One nice thing about winter is that with the dawn coming so late you don't have to get up all that early to get out for sunrise shots. Up at four or four-thirty and you can make it to someplace respectable for pre-dawn shots at six-thirty or seven. Sunday morning Junie and I actually arrived a little earlier than we needed to at a place above Bear Wallow Hollow. So we waited in the warm car, and almost waited too long, for enough light to make our way down to an overlook with a view down Cove Creek Valley.

I had been waiting since spring for the sun to move to its southern extremity to see if it would rise far enough south to come up over some of the interesting hills in the area. But despite a valiant effort, it didn't quite make it. Whiting Mountain just runs on too long.

Oh well. There's more to sunrise than just the sun.

The images below are in roughly chronological order and show the progression of colors and light from a pre-dawn red horizon above black hills with a trace of fog just starting to show in the creases between them, to the yellow and orange of the verge of sunrise, and finally to dawn itself with light spilling across the hills and into the creek bottoms.