Dec. 12, 2004

When mid-December rolled around this year, I had some use-it-or-lose-it vacation time coming and so was able to start my Christmas break a little early. And the way to get off on the right foot was to load up Junie in the new blue automobile, slip Neil Young into the CD player, and ride off to Horseshoe Bend on Beaver Lake for a sunset shoot.
That night was forecast to be a cold one, down into the teens; so I set the alarm for early so that we could head out to get some ice pictures down on Dismal Creek, which was a good spot for it last January. On the way we were passing the Elkins store just as it was opening at six; so I stopped to get a few of their hash brown patties, which happen to be the absolute greasiest hash browns in the world. You pick one up and grease will drip off it, which I don't mind because when I was growing up we more or less lived on fried potatoes, that and pinto beans, and I love them both to this day. But I guess they decided they weren't doing something right, because I've stopped by early in the morning a couple of times since then, and they're not making them any more. Darn.