Nov. 14, 2004

This weekend lined up to be one where there wouldn't be much time for woodsy pursuits as an old high school friend blew in for the weekend and we spent lots of time stuffing ourselves with plenty good food, including a Thai dish that did wonderful things with coconut milk, as well as some mighty fine home cooking prepared by Mrs. Schmidt. There was also a basketball game, and a football game, and almost a movie. But there turned out not to be anything scheduled for Sunday morning, and I was able to head for the hills for a few hours, to a place I had been monitoring for a couple of weeks for fall color.

So there it was, mid-November and finally this area of maples along Bidville road as it goes up Wakefield Mountain had turned colors, and I spent a little while there taking pictures, but mainly just sitting and waiting for the breeze to die down. It wasn't much of a breeze, but enough to keep the pot boiling and the leaves stirring. And enough to make me just late enough getting back to town that we couldn't make the movie.

I think the colors in this area have been nicer the last couple of years than they were this year, or maybe it's just that I had less time this time to search out the good shots, but anyway, here are a couple photos from Debbie's ravine taken last year and the year before.