Nov. 7, 2004

After being busy all weekend I finally managed to grab a few hours Sunday afternoon to mount an expedition to see if we could get a little light writing done with some of that Ozark mountain light. Even so, when Junie and I arrived at White Rock Mountain the sun was already too low in the sky for me to take the kind of photos I was hoping to take, which would have been of the hills to the west being back lit by the late afternoon sun, but unfortunately they were already largely in shadow.

So even though I didn't have much hope that it would pan out, we quickly jumped back in the car and switched to plan B, which was to head on over to my favorite tree in the whole forest, a twin-trunked maple on the OHT on Richason Mountain. I expected that either its foliage wouldn't have turned yet or that it would already be in shadow and so not suitable for the kind of photo I was hoping to take, but we arrived just in time for me to take a few quick shots of this glorious tree lit up by the last rays of the setting sun. The photo above is the one I took that evening, and the one below is one from last fall, taken as you can see when the sun was still high in the sky and with more clouds than I would have wished for.

The previous Wednesday had been another one of those beautiful rainy days that we've been having so many of this fall, but unfortunatley I wasn't able to get away from work until about 10, and the rain ended around noon as we were still motoring to our destination. So we didn't have a chance to see what we could do while it was still raining, but the creek was running pretty well, especially for this time of the year, and while the color was past prime, it still had some strut left in it. We spent a very fine four or five hours mosying along and snapping a few pictures now and again, until finally darkness chased us out.
It might be fun to compare this scene to the way it looked in the spring.
I've been so busy lately that, as you can tell, I've fallen behind on getting posts up. I'll try to get another one done here in the next day or two (although I'm probably being optimistic there), which would almost get me in shouting distance of being caught up.