Oct. 27, 2004

Junie Moon and I didn't make it very far up Richland Creek, only as far as Yama and then Yellowstone, when a good hike would have taken us past the Lost Highway, the Rock and the Hard Place, the Connor turn, the Frankie turn, Emerald City, the Connor bank, the Mud Slide and Over the Top, the Hot Tub, and finally Alcatraz, and that would be before getting to either of the waterfall areas. But as we sat under the edge of a huge creekside boulder where we had ducked when the rain started coming down a little too hard and the lightning came a little too close, I was enjoying being able to watch the downpour from a dry place and was feeling satisfied with the day's work.

The picture above is of the place I call Yellowstone, for obvious reasons. It and the ones below show how the rain brings out the richness of color in the the stones and the foliage, proving once again the old photographic adage that bad weather is good weather. Anyway, the prospect of spending a rainy fall day in the woods was reason enough for me to burn a day of vacation and head for the hills.

The next two photos were taken from under an umbrella as the rain was getting harder and the lightning closer. For some reason rain induces those lovely patterns of lighter and darker areas you see on the creek's surface. The boulder on the left I believe is the one we ducked under to get out of the rain.

The following shots were actually taken during last week's trip to the Darby turn but were on a roll of film that wasn't finished until this week. I thought they might be worth a look.