Oct. 17, 2004

It was great to get out in the woods again for the first time in five months and it is great to have something to post for you, dear reader.

I've been having some health problems during this time, and although they may not all be resolved, I am feeling better these days, on and off, and it's a good thing, too, because with the weather progressing from tempting to exquisite to irresistible, and with fall colors beginning to break out all over the Ozarks, I might have had to forfeit my camera to the photography police if I had failed to do my duty.

Since I'm nowhere near hiking shape (not that I ever am, really, but especially not now), Junie and I took it very easy Saturday and Sunday and visited a couple of our old favorite places, one a creek that feeds into the Buffalo River where we hiked for about half an hour, noodled around for an hour or so, and then hiked back out, and the other White Rock Mountain for some sunrise shots, where it's a good thing the wind was blowing out of the south or it might have blown me off the mountain.

Because I haven't posted anything for so long, I thought I'd show more than the customary two shots. Please pardon the long download times.

The photo above and the one directly below you may recognize as being from my trip to a slot canyon last spring. They're from a roll of film that I started using on that hike and that spent the summer in the camera waiting for me to finish out the roll.

The next couple of shots are from the creek hike, and if you look close you may notice something odd about the first one. When I first saw the slide, I didn't recognize the terrain and wondered briefly whether I had taken the shot back in the spring and just didn't remember the spot, but then I realized that I was looking at the slide up-side-down. I thought it might be interesting to show it to you that way, too.
And finally, sunrise Sunday morning. In the foreground is Potato Knob Mountain.
If you haven't been over to John Moore's site lately, you might give it a look see as he's been taking some great photos. Be sure not to miss the one that combines star trails and a waterfall. You've never seen anything like it.