May 2, 2004

It started raining about 10 minutes after Junie and I started our hike, although the forecast had said that rain would be ending around noon. I pulled out the poncho, and we pressed on in hopes the rain would let up some eventually, but about 45 minutes later we gave up on that and headed back. It did let up enough for me to snap a few pictures, from underneath an umbrella, of a favorite spot of mine along the creek, and the photograph above is one of those. This is a spot I also photographed last fall. The photo below is from last week and was taken along the Ozark Highlands Trail on top of Richason Mountain.

The next day, Sunday, turned out to be a pretty good example of how not to take a photo hike. Everything was beautiful enough, but we got a late start, and for some reason nothing seemed to fit together quite well enough to make a photograph, and then all too soon (five hours later) we ran out of daylight and had to pack it in. Still, it was a lovely hike up and down Hurricane Creek, and I can't think of another place in the world I would rather have been that day, or anyone I would rather have been there with.