Feb. 29, 2004

So in order to make it down to Falling Rock Hollow by first light Saturday morning, I get up at 3:30 AM, and it was then that I notice that my lungs are crackling when I breathe and I feel sore and achy. Sometimes, though, you can hike your way out of being sick, and off we go anyway, Junie and I, down the highway in the wee hours, which is by far the best time ever invented for driving.

Do you know how sometimes you can look one minute and it's dark, and you look the next minute and the sky is blue and shining all the way from east to west? Between the time that I pulled over on an old logging road and started loading up with pack, stick, and hat and the time we started walking down to the hollow, daylight happened. Even so, we got down to the bluff overlook in plenty of time for pre-dawn, dawn, and post-dawn shooting, but since I didn't find enough shots to fill out a whole roll, the film is still in the camera, and I'll have to wait until next week to see if anything turned out.

After that the plan was to get back over to the Hurricane Creek bridge and hike into Heathcock Hollow for some exploring there, but before hiking back up to the car I thought I would just sit down and rest for a minute. Instead, I ended up dozing right there on top of the bluff for about two and a half or three hours, and then after I finally got up and made it back to the car, I decided I would give myself permission to be sick that weekend and drove on home. So, sad to say, I can't blather on the way I usually do about seeing an armadillo in the woods or discovering a waterfall where water isn't actually falling at the moment but surely will just any time now. Next week, though, next week I'll be up to my old tricks again, I trust.

The photo above was taken at the end of a long day of shooting ice formations under an overhanging bluff when I crawled back under a low overhang and shot back out at these dangling icicles. The afternoon sun was lighting up the trees across the ravine, and their warm glow lent a touch of color to the pool of water under the icicles. The photo below was taken just at sunset on Falling Water Creek after another day of photographing ice.