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taking a dive

There's a good reason that deer have four legs, as do most other self-respecting animals, and that is that Big Momma Nature has engineered her terrain for grandeur and glory and not for the safety of animals silly enough to try to get around on two legs. It's a law of nature that four legs are better than three, three legs are better than two, and two leave you with absolutely no margin for error, which is why humans invented sidewalks and made them flat and smooth. To help compensate for my woeful deficiency in the leg department, I always use a walking stick on hikes, and it has saved my precious posterior on a number of occasions.

Sometimes, though, it isn't your posterior at risk. Believe it or not, what they say about falling off a log is true, especially if you're a two-legged upright kind of thing, and especially if the log has lost its bark and if it has been rained on recently. So in this beautiful Ozark dale when the light was fading and I was busy trying to line up shots while I still had the light, I took the opportunity, not merely to fall off a log, but to dive sort of headfirst in a cartoon razzmatazz arms and legs flying in all directions kind of flop onto the bedrock in the creek bed. Well, I managed to save the camera, and by the way my skull as well, but my shoulder, that was a different story. It's still not the same a year later, although little by little I seem to be regaining full use of the thing.