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bounce light

If you pursue photography at all seriously, you will over time find yourself tending to feel something like a Christmas tree, that is, stuck with all manner and assortment of gear, baubles, and goodies, like a tripod and a big heavy bag full of camera and lenses, film and filters, widgets and gadgets, incense and ornaments, stuff and nonsense, but the most important bag you carry is your photographer's bag of tricks. Early on I was pretty close to a one-trick pony, but you know even so I turned that trick for pride. These days I can reach into the bag and conjure up a few more spells than I used to be able to, but still I am much more apprentice than sorcerer.

One of my favorite tricks over the years has been to use bounce light. In this photo of rocks in Richland Creek taken in spring of 2002, for instance, the subject was shaded from sunlight and was illuminated primarily by light bouncing off trees on the opposite shore, as well as by light from a blue sky.