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butterfly falls

Almost four years separated this visit to Devil's Fork from the previous one. The dog with me then was Connor, and this time it was Frankie. It was high spring with lush and verdant foliage then, and now just the barest hint of green as the first buds were starting to peek out. But on both occasions, the week following the visit to Devil's Fork saw the sudden death of one of my dogs, Megan in May of 1997, and Mazie in April of 2001. I think it may be a while before I go back there again.

Even though as you can see this isn't really a waterfall, I call this Butterfly Falls because when I was there in 1997, while I was standing on that big flat rock you see in the upper left of this photo, for some reason butterflies, maybe up to a dozen or so, suddenly started swarming on my wet canvas sneakers.