dark and deep

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spirits creek, spring 2002

It wasn't always so, but the years have taken a toll on the old man, and basically, I've got three speeds left. On level ground I amble, downhill I edge, and uphill I trudge.

Ok, I have to confess that it's not only getting older that's the problem. It's also getting fatter. The belly pack I carry around these days weighs more than the backpack with all my photo gear that I carry on photo hikes. But a couple of months ago I finally got fed up, so to speak, with being so attractive, gravitationally speaking, and I decided Mother Earth would be hugging me a little less tightly in the future.

Still, I can't fix the aging thing, and I'm afraid that amble, edge, and trudge will be the best I can do from here on out.

The trail from Ragtown Road down to Spirits Creek has a high edge factor, with very little amble, and the hike back is pretty much trudging all the way. Its main advantage is that it's short, and then of course, there's also Spirits Creek at the end of it.