Vector Calculator

This is a simple Java applet intended to give students a "feel" for vectors in two dimensions. Specifically, it covers components, magnitude and direction, and vector addition.

The idea is simple. If you view this page with a Java-capable browser (such as Netscape 3.0 for Macintosh and Windows 3.1; earlier versions of Netscape for Windows NT, Windows 95 and Unix have been Java-capable for a while), you will see, somewhere below these lines, a yellow grid labeled in units such that 1 unit = 10 screen pixels. By clicking and/or dragging within the central square (-10,10)x(-10,10), you can create a pair of vectors. As you click and/or drag, the components, magnitude and direction for the vector are displayed (the direction is given in degrees, positive for vectors in the first and second quadrant and negative for vectors in the third and fourth quadrant).

Once you have two vectors, clicking on the button labeled "Add" will display the vector sum (in magenta, or pink), and its components, magnitude and direction. Two auxiliary vectors are drawn in cyan (light blue) to help visualize the parallelogram; you can think of them as representing the original vectors, translated so as to perform the sum in a "tip-to-tail" fashion.

You may have to scroll down in your browser to see the buttons. A "Clear" button allows you to remove the last vector you added; an "All Clear" allows you to start all over again.

A deliberate design feature is that there is no way to enter the components, magnitude, or direction of a vector directly: you must do it graphically, by dragging with the mouse. Hopefully, this way you will develop a good feel for what all these quantities mean graphically.

If you don't have a Java-enabled browser but have access to a Macintosh, you can get a Macintosh version of this program from this link.

If you can see this text (instead of the applet that's supposed to be here), it means your browser is not Java-enabled. Why not pay Netscape a visit and get Navigator 3.0? It hardly crashes anymore :-) It "only" wants 9 Megs of your RAM :-) Have you heard that you can get some great deals on RAM these days?

Sheesh... I can't believe I'm saying this! OK, OK,...enough already!