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The International Culture Team is a very special team of international student educators. Our team is typically comprised of about 200 graduate and undergraduate students representing over 50 countries. This team offers global education to the UA campus, schools at all grade levels, and businesses and community organizations throughout Northwest Arkansas. On average, ICT members provided cultural lectures and performances for over 7,500 children and adults.

International students who have good English speaking skills are encouraged to join ICT. It is an excellent means of improving public speaking and communication skills in preparation for professional careers. It is also a wonderful way to learn about and interact with persons in the USA, while providing a valuable service for the state. And finally, it is a great way for international students to meet and work with other international and study abroad students as members of a highly effective and visible team.

Look below to meet some of our students from different parts of the world!





Central America


North America


South America