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Psychology of Musical Repetition

Huron (2006) observes that music is a uniquely repetitive stimulus. While music theory has examined repetition in the context of form, there has been surprisingly little examination from either music or psychology of the dynamic experience of repeating elements. What is repetition's function in the learning, syntax, and enjoyment of music? A set of theoretical, behavioral, and neuroimaging studies, and a book investigate this question.

Conceptual Listening

How can knowing things about a piece affect the way it's processed and experienced? For example, what's the difference between listening to an unfamiliar piece for which you've read the program notes and one for which you haven't? How does conceptualization restructure perception? What is the relationship between verbal accounts of music and auditory experience? A set of empirical and theoretical studies address these questions.

Narrative Listening in Music

People sometimes hear music as if it were telling a story. This project examines what gives rise to this impression. For which pieces and which listeners does it arise? What role does enculturation play? What are the musical attributes that encourage this mode of perception? A set of empirical studies conducted in the US and abroad investigates these questions.

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