Mississippi Pecan Growers Association Fall Field Day: October 8, 2015. Time: 1 to 5pm. Where: Pecan Hill Farms, 19470 Highway 18 Raymond, MS. Topics: When to Harvest Pecans - Harvesting of Pecans - Post-harvest Cleaning and Storage (Food Safety) - Winter Care of Trees - Grading Pecans for Sale - Nursery Tour. For more information, please call Max Draughn 601-594-4393.

Pecan ipmPIPE (Link):

  • Monitoring Stink Bugs in Pecan (Nov. 2014) (pdf)
  • Pecan Weevil: In Pecan South June 2014 (p. 26-32)
  • Controlling Pecan Phylloxera (pdf) (photo)
  • Stink Bugs / Pecan Weevils Damaging Nuts (pdf)
  • Pecan IPM Toolbox (Link)
  • Pecan Nut casebearer Risk Map & Degree day calculator (pdf)
  • Search for Insecticides Labeled for Use on Pecan (Link)
  • Search for Fungicides Labeled for Use on Pecan (Link)
  • Search for Herbicides Labeled for Use on Pecan (Link)
  • Organic Control Insects/Diseases of Pecan & Peach (2013) (Link)
  • Arkansas Pecan Growers Association website (Link)


Last Updated September 10, 2015