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Organic Management of SWD (eOrganic)

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Organic Systems (eOrganic)

Organic Tactics - Spotted Wing Drosophila (2014 webinar)

Organic Blackberry Production Slides(2013 webinar)

Trap Crop for Stink Bugs (2012 webinar)

Organic Pecan & Peach Control (2013 webinar)

Organic Blueberry Production (2010 webinar)

Organic Strawberry Production - California (buy)

Production Guide for Organic Strawberries - New York (pdf)

II International Organic Fruit Symposium 2012 (Link)

Sustainable Farming Internships and Apprenticeships (Link)

Organic Apple Orchard Apprenticeship News:

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5 October

2010: April  May June  July August

Organic Resources:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: Organic PM (Feb. 2013 Webinar: Nielsen)


2nd Internat. Organic Fruit Symposioum (June 2012) (click talks)

ATTRA Sustainable Ag. Publications, Webinars & Videos

High Tunnel Organic Fruit In Michigan. Greg Lang and Jim Koan, USA

Effects of Four Ground Cover

Global Expansion of Organic Fruit

Organic Vegetable and Fruit IPM (OK Org. Workshop, July 2010, Lane, OK)

Organic Resource Manual for Arkansas

Organic Blueberry Production/Guide (Michigan)

Organic and Low-Spray Apple Production (ATTRA)

Pennsylvania Organic Apple Initiative

SARE: Transitioning to Organic

Organic Farming Compliance Handbook

Organic Vegetable Production-Link to Organics

Resource Guide-Organic Vegetable Insect & Disease Management


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