Blackberry Production School 2017 (videos)

Spotted wing Drosophila & Broad Mites (video)

SWD Trapping (videos)

Guides or Fact sheets:

NEW: Sustainable blackberries & raspberries a self-assessment workbook for growers (pdf)

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) (pdf)

BMSB in Organic Systems (eOrganic)

Spotted Wing Drosophila (pdf)

Raspberry Crown Borer (pdf)

Grape Phylloxera (pdf)

Japanese Beetle Fact Sheet (pdf)


MW Blueberry Production Guide (October 2013) (pdf)

Grape Scale article (pdf)

Raspberry Crown Borer Management (Bramble Assoc. 2008) (pdf)

SE Peach Growers’ Handbook 2005 (pdf)

Peach/Nectarine Post Harvest (pdf)

Scroll to San Jose Scale Section (pdf)

Blueberry facts (Michigan) (pdf)



  • Broad mites (November 2016) (pdf)
  • Fruit Pests, Monitoring and Management (Benton Co. 7 Oct.) (pdf)
  • Fruit & Nut PM Sources of Information (pdf)
  • Fruit/ Pecan PM - Sept. 2015 Specialty Crop Spray Clinic (pdf)
  • Fruit IPM Lecture Hort 4013 (2015) (pdf)
  • Spider mites broad mite brambles (NARB Conf. 2015) (pdf)
  • Organic Small Fruit PM High Tunnel (MOA Conf. Feb. 2015) (pdf)
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila Update (Hort. Ind. Show Jan, 2015) (pdf)
  • Strawberry Pest Management (Workshop 25 Oct. 2014) (pdf)
  • IPM of Fruit Crops (AL Fruit/Vegetable Conf., Feb. 2014) (pdf)
  • Spotted wing drosophila, other pests (MO Org. Conf. 2014) (pdf)
  • Grape Invasive Pests (AR Assoc. Grape Growers Nov. 2013) (pdf)
  • High Tunnel Pest Management (Workshop 12 June 2013) (pdf)
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila Workshops (Mar.-Apr. 2013) (pdf)
  • Rednecked cane borer & Flatheaded Appletree Borer (Hort. Ind. Show Jan. 2013) (pdf)
  • Organic fruit pest management (Hort. Ind. Show Jan. 2013) (pdf)
  • Fruit PM (In Service Training Spring 2013) (pdf)
  • Strawberry / Peach PM (In-Service Training Oct. 2012) (pdf)
  • Tarnished Plant Bug & Other Strawberry Pests (Strawberry Meeting - July 2012) (pdf)
  • Organic Fruit IPM (In-service Organic Training, Nov. 2011) (pdf)
  • Biocontrol and Organic PM tactics (MSFVG Conf., 16 Nov. 2011) (pdf)
  • Adoption of grape best management practices (6 Oct. 2011) (pdf)
  • Blackberry PM Workshop (23 June 2011) (pdf)
  • Insect Nose for Wine (Chem. Seminar 1 Apr. 2011) (pdf)
  • Improving Fruit PM In Ozarks (SEB Meeting, 22 Mar. 2011) (pdf)
  • Fruit/Pecan PM Tactics (AR Fruit Workshop, 3 Mar. 2011) (pdf)
  • Lessons of organic fruit PM (Hort. meeting, Jan. 2011, Ft. Smith) (pdf)
  • High tunnel PM (Hort. meeting, Jan. 2011, Ft. Smith, AR) (pdf)
  • Blackberry, grape and future pests (Mid America meeting, Jan. 2011, St. Joseph, MO) (pdf)
  • Green June Beetle, Japanese Beetle (Mid America meeting, Jan. 2011, St. Joseph, MO) (pdf)
  • Grape Phylloxera Management (Sept. 2010, Vienna, Austria) (pdf)
  • Grape PM Workshop (12 Aug. 2010, Clarksville, AR) (pdf)
  • Organic Vegetable and Fruit IPM (OK Org. Workshop, 22 July 2010, Lane, OK) (pdf)
  • Blackberry Insect NE IPM Bramble Insect Webinar (Feb. 2010) (pdf)
  • PM Program for Organic Blackberry(ESA 15 Dec. 09) (pdf)
  • Grape Pest Management (MO Grape Short Course 9 Apr. 09) (pdf)
  • Green June beetle (wine makers) (Penn State Univ. Mar 2009) (pdf)
  • Muscadine Pest Management (AR Workshop Jan. 09) (pdf)
  • Sustainable IPM Fruit/Vegetable Workshop May 09 (pdf)
  • Alternative PM in Apple Poster (pdf)
  • Blackberry Insect Pest Management (IL Spec. Crops Jan 08) (pdf)
  • Blackberry pests (PDF) (Mid-Am. Conf. Jan 06) (pdf)
  • Raspberry Crown Borer Biology Poster (pdf)
  • Blueberry/Blackberry Pest Management (5 June 2007) (pdf)
  • Contro/Survey Ozarks for Grape Phylloxera (ESA Dec. 2006) (pdf)
  • Green June beetle mass trapping and insecticide (ESA, Nov. 08) (pdf)
  • Peach IPM Program (IL Spec. Crops Conf. Jan 08) (pdf)
  • Organic Fruit Prod. Needs/Practices (Org. Fruit Conf., Italy ‘08) (pdf)
  • Organic Fruit IPM (9 Nov. ‘07) (pdf)


Last Updated November 21, 2017