Management and Spray Guidelines

SE Regional Caneberry Production Guide (2016) (pdf)
or with links to videos (pdf)

Spotted Wing Drosophila Insecticide Efficacy (pdf):
Caneberries (pdf)
Blueberry (pdf)
Strawberry (pdf)

IRAC Mode of Action (Insecticide Resistance Action Committee)

Fruit & Nut Pesticide Labels (IRAC #) and Use restrictions

Arkansas (2016)
Lorsban Advanced Spray - Grape scale/Cutworm (pdf)
MP144-Insecticide Recommendation for Arkansas (pdf)
MP467-Arkansas Small Fruit Management (pdf)
MP44-Recommended Chemicals: Weed & Brush Control (
MP154-Arkansas Plant Disease Control Product Guide (pdf)
Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide (2017) (
free pdf or $15 copy) (Combined tree, grape and small fruits)
SE Small Fruit Spray Guides (pdf)
SE Apple Orchard Management Guide (2016) (pdf)
SE Peach/Nectarine/Plum Guide (2017) (pdf)
SE Peach Grower's Handbook (pdf)

Arkansas Fruit Crop Profiles: Insects, Diseases & Weeds:
Apples ......Blackberries ...... Blueberries ...... Grapes ...... Peaches ...... Pecans ...... Strawberries


Last Updated December 16, 2016