Arkansas Fruit/Nut Pest Management (Link)

Broad Mite Biology/Management in Blackberries (pdf)

Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD):

Arkansas SWD ID, Management Sheet (2016) (pdf)

Arkansas SWD Update (Jan. 2015) (pdf)

Arkansas SWD Fact Sheet (2013) (pdf)

SWD Information - Western U.S. (Link)

SWD Information - Eastern U.S. (Link)

SWD Insecticide Efficacy (2014) (pdf)

Organic Management of SWD (eOrganic)

Organic Management SWD (Feb. 2014) (Webinar link)

Net Exclusion of SWD (YouTube)

Rainfast Characteristics of Insecticide for SWD (pdf)

Float SWD larvae from Fruit Sugar Water (YouTube)


Last Updated August 25, 2016