Published and Forthcoming Articles

"Arousal and Economic Decision Making." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming with Salar Jahedi and Dan Ariely


"Experimenting with Contests for Experimentation." Southern Economic Journal, forthcoming with Erik Kimbrough


"An Experimental Investigation of Simultaneous Multi-battle Contests with Strategic Complementarities." Journal of Economic Psychology, forthcoming. with Sudipta Sarangi and Matt Wiser


"The Effects of Alcohol Use on Economic Decision Making." Southern Economic Journal,   
forthcoming with
Klajdi Bregu, Lindsay Ham, and Salar Jahedi

"State Dependent Price Setting Rules under Implicit Thresholds: An Experiment." Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming with Justin LeBlanc, Andrea Civelli, and Klajdi Bregu

"An Experimental Investigation of Procurement Auctions with Asymmetric Sellers." Production and Operations Management, forthcoming. with John Aloysius , Ryan French, and Li Hao

"You are Close to Your Rival and Everyone Hates a Winner: A Study of Rivalry in College Football." Economic Inquiry, forthcoming. with Sarah Quintanar, Sudipta Sarangi, and Javier Reyes

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"Students’ Perceptions of Traditionally Male and Traditionally Female Occupations" Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences v2(1), Fall 1996, pp. 56-68. with John Marcis    


Articles Under Review, Working Papers, and Research in Progress

"Comparing Cognitive Loads" with Salar Jahedi.and Roman Sheremeta.

"Comparing Risky Choice: in the Field and across the Lab Procedures" with Zuzana Brokesova and Jana Peliova

"Competitive Markets When Customers Anticipate Stock Outs" with Amy Farmer and Josh Foster

"Contests for Charity" with Jim Murphy

"Dissolving Uncertain Partnerships" with Kyle Hyndman

"Electoral College Contests" with Sudipta Sarangi and Matt Wiser

"Inequality of Opportunity and the (In)efficiency of Outcomes" with Gabriele Camera and Dave Porter

"Optimizing Choice Architectures" with Mark Schneider, Mikhael Shor, Tibor Besedes, and Sudipta Sarangi

"Tug-of-War in the Laboratory" with Roman Sheremeta


"Using Experiments to Compare the Predictive Power of Models of Multilateral Negotiations" with Charles Thomas