Download Materials Related to My Research 

This page contains experimental directions, announcements, handouts, etc. for my various research projects.  Please e-mail me at with requests for information that is not available on this page.  

"A Test of game Theoretic and Behavioral Models of Play"
            Directions for Extensive Form Games
            Directions for Normal Form Games
            Handouts and Announcements 

"Double Auction Performance in a Circular Flow Economy"  
"Why Stable Fiat Money Hyperinflates:  Results From an Experimental Economy" 
"Avoiding Hyperinflation:  Evidence From a Laboratory Economy" 
            Download Computerized Directions
            Word File with Screen Shots and Text
            Handouts and Announcements

"Implications for Automating Posted Prices on the Internet" 
& "Interaction of Automated Pricing Algorithms"

"On the Nature of Reciprocal Motives" 
"When Are Women More Generous than Men?"
"The Impact of Trembling on Behavior in the Trust Game"
            Directions for Sequential Treatments (program)
            Directions for Sequential Treatments (screenshots)
            Double Blind Announcement
            Comprehension Quiz 

"Link Bidding in a Laboratory Experiments"

"Bargaining Over an Uncertain Value:  Arbitration Mechanisms Compared"