ECON 433  Economics of Organizations
Fall 2007

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Class Schedule (tentative and subject to change)

Date Topic

Assigned Chapter

Other Materials of Interest (required as indicated)
8/21 Introduction{E1} 1 & 2  
8/23 Markets   Markets for Information:
Hollywood Stock Exchange:
Terror Threat Exchange?,1283,59818,00.html
Predicting Printer Sales at HP:
8/28 Demand 3  
8/30 Individual Behavior 4  
9/4 Expected Utility and Risk 15 What are the odds of dying by ...
9/6 Estimating Demand 5 & 6 OLS Example
9/11 Production and Costs 7  
9/13 Production and Costs  {PS1, Data, AK} 9  
9/18 Summary of Supply and Demand 10  
9/20 Property Rights and Externalities {E2}   Saving the Tiger
Farming Fish


9/25 Monopoly 11
Antitrust Legislation:
Here is a link to the Arkansas Public Service Commission which regulates natural monopolies.
9/27 Pricing 12  
10/2 Pricing 12 A discussion of tying on Wikipedia:
10/4 Oligopoly {PS2, AK} 13
Extra Problems on Oligopolies
10/9 Exam 1    
10/11 Oligopoly 13 FTC guidelines on horizontal mergers
10/16 De Beers {CS1}   Required:  This case can be downloaded from Harvard Business School
Spar and Burns "Forever: De Beers and U.S. Antitrust Law." 2001
It is $6.50 to purchase an electronic copy.  I believe you can purchase the right to make 1 photocopy for $6.00.

Optional Additional Reading:
Bergenstock, Deily, and Taylor, "A Cartel's Response to Cheating:  An Empirical Investigation of De Beers Diamond Empire." Southern Economic Journal 73(1), July 2006, pp. 173-89.  

10/18 Normal Form Games {E3 - Slides}   The following websites discusses game theory in pop culture and recent news:

For the interested party:  McCain 's Game Theory a Non-Technical Introduction to the Analysis of Strategy provides a nice introduction to games while Gibbon's Game Theory for Applied Economists is a more technical treatment that is still accessible.  

10/23  Nash Equilibrium 14
10/25 Best Responses 14
10/30 Repeated Play Games 14
11/1 Out Sourcing/Vertical Integration {PS3, AK}  


11/6 Exam 2    
11/8 Principle Agent Problems
& Asymmetric Information
17 & 18  
11/13 Principle Agent Problems
& Asymmetric Information
17 & 18  
11/15 Procurement Auctions {E4, PS4, AK}    
11/20 Group Project Day - no class   Working in groups of 2 or 3, you have the opportunity to earn bonus points.  For these points you must use game theoretic techniques to analyze  a current business decision or event in the news and write a report detailing your analysis and explanation/prediction of the outcome.  The technical accuracy of your analysis as well as the grammatical correctness and professional presentation of your exposition will determine how many bonus points you receive.    
11/22 Thanksgiving - no class    
11/27 Procurement Auctions {PS5} 16 For the interested party:  Klemperer's Auctions:  Theory and Practice provides a nice survey of theoretical work on auctions.

Peter Cramton's website which had many papers on auctions:
One that might be of particular interest is "Ascending Auctions"

Treasury Auctions:


11/29 Olympian Competition  {CS2}   Required:  McMillan "Olympian Competition: Bidding for Olympic Television Rights." 2003.
 This case can be downloaded from Harvard Business School at :
12/4 Government 19 & 20 Required:  Rethinking the Social Responsibility of Business - ReasonOnline
12/7 Final Exam   The University has set the exam time for this course at 7:30am-9:30 am 

Helpful Links: (the book’s website)


Discussion of this year Nobel Prize winners:

Exam 1:  Blank Exam, Answer Key
Exam 2:  Answer Key

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