ECON 303  Microeconomic Theory
Spring 2005

Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:00 and by appointment.
(but I am around most of the time so feel free to drop by my office!)

Contact Information:
                        Office Location:  425 WCOB
                        Phone: 575-6226

Download a copy of the course syllabus

Problem Sets: 
    Review Topics: PS1AK
    Consumer Theory: PS2AK , PS3AK
    Producer Theory: PS4AK, PS5AK
     Markets:  PS6AK

    Review Topics: Q1s05, Q2s05
    Consumer Theory: Q3s05, Q4s05
    Producer Theory: Q5s05, Q6s05,Q7s05
      Markets: Q8s05

I have room 257 reserved on Monday 5/9/2005 at 6:00 pm for a Q&A.  As before, I will have no prepared material, but will be happy to answer any questions you have (within reason).

Answer Key to Exam 1
Answer Key to Exam 2

Answer Key to Exam 3

Here is an article from the New York Times on farm subsidies.

Bonus Point Opportunity:  You can attend up to two events and write a 2-3 page paper for extra credit.  Each paper is worth two points on your overall grade.  The following is a list of upcoming events which qualify:

Honors students in the Walton College have to present their thesis (schedule).  You can go to two presentations (which will count as one event) and write a report about the presentation and how you can relate it to the material we talked about in class.  You can write separate reports for each presentation with each report being about a page.  I have two caveats.  First, your own presentation cannot count for one of the two you attend.  Second, you cannot attend four presentations and count it for 2 events.         


Only approved electronic devices can be used during exams.  The use of graphing, programmable, or differentiating calculators, cell phones, lap tops, or hand-helds is PROHIBITED!    

Grades can be accessed through BlackBoard.  Students wishing to collect their assignments should come by my office. 

The following students Economics Graduate Students are willing to provide private tutoring:
(I make no guarantees, I am simply creating a market where buyers and sellers can interact.)

Name e-mail Price
Andrew Perumal
Weiguang Deng
Sultanbek Lazzat

Download Some 
Practice Math Problems and Answer Key
Examples for International Trade:  Quotas and Tariffs
Extra Problems on Cost Curves and Perfect Competition

Questions on Edgeworth Box and the Core   Answer Key

Material From Previous Semesters

Review Material
     Quizzes: Q1f03,Q1s04,Q1f04
     Exams: Exam 1 Fall 2003, Exam 1 Spring 2004,
                  Exam 1 Fall 2004

Consumer Theory

     Quizzes: Q1f01s3, Q1f01s2, Q2f01s3, Q2f01s2, Q3f01s3,
                   Q4f01s3, Q3f01s2,
Q1s02, Q2s02, Q3s02 , Q1f02,
                   Q2f02, Q3f02, Q1s03, Q2s03, Q3s03, Q2f03, Q3f03,
                   Q2s04, Q3s04,Q2f04, Q3f04
Exams:  Exam 1 Fall 2001, Exam 1 Spring 2002,
                   Exam 1 Fall 2002,
  Exam 1 Spring 2003
                             Exam 2 Fall 2003, Exam 2 Spring 2004,
                   Exam 2 Fall 2004

Producer Theory
     Quizzes:  Q5f01s3, Q4f01s2,
  Q5f01s2, Q6f01s3, Q6f01s2,
                    Q7f01s3, Q4s02, Q5s02, Q4f02, Q5f02, Q6f02,      
                    Q4s03, Q5s03, Q6s03, Q4f03, Q5f03, Q4s04,Q5s04,
                    Q4f04, Q5f04
     Exams:   Exam 2 Fall 2001, Exam 2 Spring 2002,
                    Exam 2 Fall 2002,
 Exam 2 Spring 2003,
                    Exam 3 Fall 2003, Exam 3 Spring 2004,
                    Exam 3 Fall 2004
     Quizzes: Q8f01s3, Q9f01s3, Q7f01s2, Q10f01s3Q6s02,
Q7f02, Q7s03Q6f03, Q7f03,Q6s04,Q6f04,

Comprehensive Finals 
                   Final Fall 2002,
Final Spring 2002, Final Fall 2001                        
                             Final Spring 2003, Final Fall 2003, Final Spring 2004,
                   Final Fall 2004

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