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Course Name: Princ of Micro, Fall 07 (Mankiw)

Start Date: 08/20/2007

Professor: Cary Deck

Course Key: PA62-7989-UQNA



You can begin working on your homework as soon as you register!


In this course, you will use a textbook and Aplia's website.


You will have free access to the first four chapters of an online copy of your textbook at Aplia. You can access the remaining online chapters as soon as you submit a payment for your Aplia course.




Registration Instructions


Connect to http://www.aplia.com.


Click the System Configuration Test link below the Sign In and Register sections to make sure you can access all of the features on Aplia's website. This takes just a few seconds and tells you how to update your browser settings if necessary.


Return to http://www.aplia.com.



If you have never used Aplia before, click the New Student button and enter your Course Key: PA62-7989-UQNA. Continue following the instructions to complete your registration.



If you have used Aplia before, sign in with your usual e-mail address and password and enter your Course Key when prompted: PA62-7989-UQNA. If you are not prompted for a new Course Key, click the Enter Course Key button to enroll in a new Aplia course. Enter your Course Key when you are prompted.


If you understand your payment options, pay now. Otherwise, postpone your purchase decision by choosing the option to pay later. Your payment grace period ends at the end of the day on 09/09/2007.



Pay Aplia Directly


Purchase access to your course directly from Aplia on our website for $60.00 USD. The website includes:


Access to an online copy of your textbook.


Content that has been customized for your textbook and course.


However, if you try using the online textbook and decide you would also like a physical textbook, you can order one from Aplia for $50.00 USD plus $7.50 for shipping and handling.