Ashley K. Wheeler

me, hiking
initiation photo taken at Mt. Kessler and Rock City, July 2014
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Address: University of Arkansas
Department of Mathematical Sciences
309 SCEN
Fayetteville, AR 72701 USA
E-mail: ashleykw (at) uark (dot) edu
Office: SCEN 356
Office Phone:(479) 575 5637
Curriculum Vitae

Currently Teaching . . . Calculus III (Math 2574)

Previous Semesters

About Me

My general research areas are Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry (more 13 than 14). My primary research area is the study of ideals generated by the principal minors of a generic matrix over an algebraically closed field. The motivation comes from the more well-studied determinantal and Pfaffian ideals that first arose within Invariant Theory.

More broadly, I'm interested in finding new classes of Gorenstein rings, because of their connection to generalized Cayley-Bacharach theorems. I earned my Ph.D. in 2014 from the University of Michigan under Mel Hochster. My undergraduate degree is from Kansas State University.


More Expository

UArk Algebra Seminar

OMNI (Organized Mathematical Networking and Inquiry) Seminar

This year I am also UArk's local supervisor for the William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition.

source: Slate(?) Jan 2014 (contact me if you know who originally made this graphic)

Outreach and Other Links

Here are some solutions to old Michigan topology Qualifying Review exams:
Sep 2010 May 2010 (Jan 2010) (Sep 2009) (May 2009) Jan 2009 (Sep 2008)
Work in progress. Algebra solutions are on the QR webpage. I have no analysis solutions.
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