Introduction to Entomology

Come learn about the fascinating world of insects. This course provides a broad over-view of insect biology, covering topics such as morphology and physiology, ecology, evolution, biodiversity, sociality, life history strategies such as parasitism, herbivory and predation, and much more. The course is taught each Fall in conjunction with ENTO 3011: Introduction to Insect Identification (see below)

Introduction to Insect Identification

Learn to identify all the insect orders and many common families and species. Explore insect diversity and learn to collect insects and prepare a professional insect collection. This is an intensive lab course designed for serious students. The lab course will include mandatory field trips during the class period and optional weekend trips designed to expose students to different habitats, collecting methods, and insect diversity. Any students wishing to take Insect Taxonomy (ENTO 4024) in the future must first take ENTO 3011. Students must be currently enrolled in or have previously taken and passed ENTO 3013 in order to take ENTO 3011. The course is offered each Fall.

Grant Writing

Develop grant writing skills while learning the grants process. Students will write their own grant proposals and conduct a mock grant panel, including the peer-review process and panel discussions. The course covers the formatting and style of NSF and USDA proposals with an emphasis on writing a concise, well organized proposal.