Embroidery and Costuming

This page presents items I have embroidered. The primary stitch I use to fill in large spaces is the laid stitch from the Bayeux Tapestry. I use a satin stitch to a lesser extent. For outlines I use chain stitch and stem stitch.

All of the garments here are actually works-in-progress. They all have finished yokes and sleeve cuffs. However, I still intend to do lower embroidered hems for them.

Grey Dalmatic

It took over sixty hours to embroider the yoke of this garment. I do not know how long the cuffs took.

Green Tunic

Tan Tunic

Embroidered Shoes

These shoes feature a laid stitch upon a leather surface. To achieve this I invented my own technique. I simply made a hole with an awl, allowing me to insert a threaded needle through the leather. The primary stitch is the Bayeux Tapestry laid stitch. These shoes, accompanied by the grey dalmatic, were selected by HRM Aislinn as the Queen's Choice at the last Queen's Prize Tournament.

Rondel with Cross

This embroidery consists of a row of rondels; it is to be used as edging for a red wool mantle. It takes six hours to embroider one rondel; there are a total of [ ] rondels on the edging.



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