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    Mortazavi, Armin, Venkatesan Rajagopalan, Kelsey A. Sparks, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2016) ChemBioChem 17, 462-465.
    Juxta-Terminal Helix Unwinding as a Stabilizing Factor to Modulate the Dynamics of Transmembrane Helices. (See this article)

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Membrane Biochemistry,
Peptide Engineering,
Lipid/Protein Interactions


Our laboratory has primary interests in the regulation of membrane protein function, including the folding and assembly of subunits, hydrophobic matching, and mechanical coupling between proteins and lipids. Systems of study include voltage-dependent ion channels, designed membrane-spanning helical peptides, and mixed lipid systems.

(Selected recent publications and research topics are listed below.)
Olaf Andersen, Denise Greathouse, Antoinette Killian.
Current Graduate Students:

Venkatesan Rajagopalan, Ashley Martfeld Henderson, Matthew McKay, Fahmida Afrose.

Former Mentors: Robert M. Stroud, Lubert Stryer.

Former Graduate Students: William Lance Whaley, PhD 1986; Bobbie Kuntz, MS 1989; Beverly Davis Meinzer, MS 1989; Ellen Friday, PhD 1990; Martin Jeffrey Taylor, PhD 1992; Jeffrey C Fairman, PhD 1992; Denise V Greathouse, PhD 1993; Kim Chan, PhD 1993; Gwendolyn L Mattice, PhD 1994; Shalendar Mittal, MS 1997; Anthony R Jude, PhD 1998; Robyn Goforth, PhD 2001; Patrick van der Wel, PhD 2002; Sigrid Schmutzer, PhD 2002; Haiyan Sun, PhD 2003; Anna Daily, PhD 2007; Hong Gu, PhD 2008; Chris Mazzanti, PhD 2010; Anne M. Rankenberg, PhD 2010; Vitaly Vostrikov, PhD 2011; Nicholas Gleason, PhD 2012.

Current interests

  1. Folding and assembly of proteins within membranes.
  2. Anchor functions of tryptophan (Trp, or W) at the membrane/water interface.
  3. Promotion of ion transport by Trp and fluoro-Trp indoles, and other dipoles.
  4. Role of the peptide backbone for ion transport.
  5. Chemical substitutions within the peptide backbone.
  6. Use of non-genetic amino acids to study protein mechanisms.
  7. Chemical mechanisms for voltage-dependent channel gating.
  8. Development of molecular force transducers to measure the energetics of membrane thinning.
  9. Intrinsic tilt of transmembrane helices.

Selected publications ---- Roger E. Koeppe II

  1. Mortazavi, Armin, Venkatesan Rajagopalan, Kelsey A. Sparks, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2016) ChemBioChem 17, 462-465.
    Juxta-Terminal Helix Unwinding as a Stabilizing Factor to Modulate the Dynamics of Transmembrane Helices. (See this article)
  2. Martfeld, Ashley N., Venkatesan Rajagopalan, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2015) BBA Biomembranes 1848, 1849-1859.
    Dynamic regulation of lipid–protein interactions. (See this article)
  3. Rusinova, R., Roger E. Koeppe II, and Olaf S. Andersen (2015) J. Gen. Physiol. 146, 463-475. A General Mechanism for Drug Promiscuity: Studies with Amiodarone and Other Antiarrhythmics. (See this article)
  4. Sparks, Kelsey A., Nicholas J. Gleason, Renetra Gist, Rebekah Langston, Denise V. Greathouse and Roger E. Koeppe II (2014) Biochemistry 53, 3637-3645.
    Comparisons of Interfacial Phe, Tyr and Trp Residues as Determinants of Orientation and Dynamics for GWALP Transmembrane Peptides. (See this article)
  5. Gleason, Nicholas J., Vostrikov, Vitaly V., Greathouse, Denise V., and Koeppe, Roger E., II (2013) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U. S. A. 110, 1692-1695.
    Buried lysine, but not arginine, titrates and alters transmembrane helix tilt. (See this article)
  6. Vorobyov, Igor, Timothy E. Olson, Jung H. Kim, Roger E. Koeppe II, Olaf S. Andersen, and Toby W. Allen (2014) Biophys. J. 106, 586-597.
    Ion-Induced Defect Permeation of Lipid Membranes. (See this article)
  7. Gleason, Nicholas J., Denise V. Greathouse, Christopher V. Grant, Stanley J. Opella, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2013) J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 13786-13794.
    Single Tryptophan and Tyrosine Comparisons in the N-terminal and C-terminal Interface Regions of Transmembrane GWALP Peptides. (See this article)
  8. Vostrikov, Vitaly V., Christopher V. Grant, Stanley J. Opella, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2011) Biophys. J. 101, 2939-2947.
    On the Combined Analysis of 2H and 15N/1H Solid-State NMR Data for Determination of Transmembrane Peptide Orientation and Dynamics. (See this article)
  9. Bruno, Michael J., Radda Rusinova, Nicholas J. Gleason, Roger E. Koeppe II and Olaf S. Andersen (2013) Faraday Discuss. 161, 461-480.
    Interactions of drugs and amphiphiles with membranes: modulation of lipid bilayer elastic properties by changes in acyl chain unsaturation and protonation. (See this article)
  10. Rankenberg, Johanna M., Vostrikov, V. V., Greathouse, D. V., Grant, C. V., Opella, S. J., and Koeppe, R. E., II. (2012) Biochemistry 51, 10066-10074.
    Properties of Membrane-Incorporated WALP Peptides that are Anchored on Only One End. (See this article)
  11. Vostrikov, Vitaly V., Benjamin A. Hall , Mark S. P. Sansom , and Roger E. Koeppe II (2012) J. Phys. Chem. B 116, 12980-12990.
    Accommodation of a Central Arginine in a Transmembrane Peptide by Changing the Placement of Anchor Residues. (See this article)
  12. Rankenberg, Johanna M., Vitaly V. Vostrikov, Christopher D. DuVall, Denise V. Greathouse, Roger E. Koeppe II, Christopher V. Grant, Stanley J. Opella (2012) Biochemistry 51, 3554-3564.
    Proline Kink Angle Distributions for GWALP23 in Lipid Bilayers of Different Thickness. (See this article)
  13. Gleason, Nicholas J., Vitaly V. Vostrikov, Denise V. Greathouse, Christopher V. Grant, Stanley J. Opella, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2012) Biochemistry 51, 2044-2053.
    Tyrosine Replacing Tryptophan as an Anchor in GWALP Peptides. (See this article)
  14. Ingólfsson, Helgi I., Roger E. Koeppe II and Olaf S. Andersen (2011) FEBS Lett. 585, 3101-3105.
    Effects of green tea catechins on gramicidin channel function and inferred changes in bilayer properties. (See this article)
  15. Vostrikov, Vitaly V., and Roger E. Koeppe II (2011) Biochemistry 50, 7522-7535.
    Response of GWALP Transmembrane Peptides to Changes in the Tryptophan Anchor Positions. (See this article)
  16. Gu, Hong , Kevin Lum, Jung H. Kim, Denise V. Greathouse, Olaf S. Andersen and Roger E. Koeppe, II (2011) Biochemistry 50, 4855-4866.
    The Membrane Interface dictates Different Anchor Roles for “Inner Pair” and “Outer Pair” Tryptophan Indole Rings in Gramicidin A Channels. (See this article)
  17. Ingólfsson, Helgi I., Yuhui Li, Vitaly V. Vostrikov, Hong Gu, James F. Hinton, Roger E. Koeppe II, Benoît Roux and Olaf S. Andersen (2011) J. Phys. Chem. B, 115, 7417–7426.
    Gramicidin A Backbone and Side Chain Dynamics Evaluated by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments. I: Molecular Dynamics Simulations. (See this article)
  18. Vostrikov, Vitaly V., Hong Gu, Helgi I. Ingólfsson, James F. Hinton, Olaf S. Andersen, Benoît Roux and Roger E. Koeppe II (2011) J. Phys. Chem. B, 115, 7427–7432.
    Gramicidin A Backbone and Side Chain Dynamics Evaluated by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments. II: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments. (See this article)
  19. Lundbæk, Jens A.; Roger E. Koeppe II; and Olaf S. Andersen (2010) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 107, 15427-30.
    Amphiphile regulation of ion channel function by changes in the bilayer spring constant. (See this article)
  20. Daily, Anna E., Jung H. Kim, Denise V. Greathouse, Olaf S. Andersen, and Roger E. Koeppe II (2010) Biochemistry 49, 6856-6865.
    Polar groups in membrane channels: Consequences of replacing alanines with serines in membrane-spanning gramicidin channels. (See abstract) (See full text)
  21. Yu, Haibo, Christopher L. Mazzanti, Troy W. Whitfield, Roger E. Koeppe II, Olaf S. Andersen, and Benoît Roux (2010) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 10847-10856.
    A combined experimental and theoretical study of ion solvation in liquid N-methylacetamide. (See this article)
  22. Vostrikov, Vitaly V.; Anna E. Daily; Denise V. Greathouse; and Roger E. Koeppe II (2010) J. Biol. Chem., 285, 31723-31730.
    Charged or Aromatic Anchor Residue Dependence of Transmembrane Peptide Tilt. (See this article)
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    Changes in Transmembrane Helix Alignment by Arginine Residues Revealed by Solid-State NMR Experiments and Coarse-Grained MD Simulations. (See abstract) (See full text)
  24. Andersen, Olaf S.; C. Nielsen; A. M. Maer; J. A. Lundbæk; M. Goulian; and Roger E. Koeppe II (2010)
    Ion Channels as Tools to Monitor Lipid Bilayer–Membrane Protein Interactions: Gramicidin Channels as Molecular Force Transducers.
    In Essential Ion Channel Methods. P. Michael Conn, editor. Academic Press. Burlington. pp. 315-333. (See this article)
  25. Thomas, Rachel, Vitaly V. Vostrikov, Denise V. Greathouse, and Roger E. Koeppe, II (2009) Biochemistry, 48, 11883-11891.
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  49. The figure below illustrates the effect of the covalent lipid in acylgramicidin on a tryptophan indole ring.

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