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The Logical Structure of Kinds

  Philosophical Quarterly
  Australasian Journal of Phil

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I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Arkansas. My main areas of research are in metaphysics and the philosophy of psychology and mind. I also serve as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Philosophy Department.

I have published a book—The Logical Structure of Kinds (Oxford, 2014)—in which I develop and defend a theory of properties and kinds, with special applications to debates over multiple realizability and reduction in the philosophy of mind. I like the theory that I advanced in that book, but I was pretty brief when it came to drawing out all the consequences and applying it to particular cases. Somewhat relatedly, I have recently written a paper criticizing the Lewisian conception of naturalness.

My current research is a bit more in philosophy of psychology and mind. I am currently working on my second book, tentatively entitled The Signaling Mind: A Theory of Belief and Social Manipulation. In this book I will argue that many beliefs serve a signaling function that explains various cognitive biases and pro-social beliefs. I will also apply the theory to self-deception and defend a non-intellectualist theory of belief. The signaling function I advance generalizes to other mental states and attitudes. I am working on a couple more papers on self-deception and imagination.

I also am involved with a Templeton funded project on the philosophy and psychology of self-control.
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